By: Chris Henderson

The purpose of the graphic novel “Likewise” is to entertain as there are beautiful illustrations and a compelling story about self-acceptance, self-love and building relationships in an ever-changing world. Besides entertaining readers, the author did use the graphic novel as a medium to express her life’s struggles that she experienced in High school. She documented her journey with her literary twin Ariel which the main and is based off the elements of the Author’s experience.

What is most interesting about a graphic novel is it can give the reader a different perspective using imagery. With the use of illustrations, the author can provide a first handed look into how they see the world. In addition, imagery can also provide insight into how a to how a character interacts with the world around them as the readers get to see body language and facial expression something that is unique too graphic novel. When imagery is paired with the written word the reader can experience the senses differently. As the reader takes in the illustrations with written text, they can pay more attention to detail which could otherwise have been lost in translation when readers have to recuperate scenes with their imagination. An interesting article to read is “The pros and cons of reading a graphic novel (from a novice graphic novel reader)” which can get some insight to the unique experience of reading a graphic novel.


In the end use of a graphic novel format to tell “Likewise” story was most useful as it gave the reader a unique insight into the main character and how she sees the world. The author used the power imagery to represent Ariel’s internal dialogue when she was speaking and interacting with others. With the use of powerful dialogue coupled with equally powerful imagery, the author was able to re-create a strong sense of what High school was like for a student coming out.

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